Nine Year Old’s First Tutorial – Using Scratch to Learn Coding

9yo's First Tutorial - Scratch Coding

This is a video about a simple kid programming app called scratch scratch he’s been around since 2012 and now it’s 2021 if you’re in Canada right now I don’t care what country you’re saying this and I think the internets voice is change wherever you’re watching this from…

So I do care if you were in a country if you don’t understand what I’m saying I think the Internet has a special app somewhere there’s not a sponsor video that can translate videos that has a new language that’s your language by the way I’m gonna make an object show from Photoshop and Adobe animator called object construction I didn’t release the teaser yet this is your only hint of its existence OK it’s going to have nine seasons this is probably gonna continue till 2025 and in the scratch project video I will be teaching kids how to make an object show illumination object shows are where random people take a random objects and not even objects give them limbs if any parent is watching this this is a kid friendly channel no swearing in and no inappropriate stuff so if you’re looking for a YouTube channel that doesn’t swear there’s lots of them and I’m one of them so if you get if you’re reading this speech good for you you pay attention to tiny details now you get to hear a character that’s going to be another construction that you’ll see in this video her name is ice cream and she will be in my future videos so this is pretty much the end of my speech if you came here good for you enjoy the video like subscribe if I get another subscriber I will release videos more often they just take a long time and it’s kind of hard since pandemic but with all your support with all your support I have at least 19 subscribers and art and I think that’s better than zero so thank you all the people for the three years that I was on YouTube soon I will be making a celebration video on my three year anniversary on YouTube see you then whoever is reading this then goodbye

(dad note: speech-to-text-dictated…how fun!)

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