Inline Skating : First 6 KM Ride! (3.7 Miles)

Inline Skating through the Woods

Ride Journal: First 6 KM! (Last Day of being an 8 year old)

Longest feat of Inline Skating endurance he’s done yet. (By about 4KMs)

This was a great ride, and he got to the point of rubber legs – and kept pushing…I, of course, offered to pull him up the steep hills of the new bridges we were heading back over. ¬†Riding style is still quite sloppy (understandably) and is the reason behind his back and shoulders being sore by the end. He has improved greatly over the first few months of sporadic riding of a brand new skater.

Smoother bearings and larger, harder wheels would make a great improvement in the gliding motion he still needs to learn. (I wish I had known to look for 76mm+ diameter wheels, these are 72mm)

Another concern is that he doesn’t know how to use his brakes. That’s ok – so far, the unicycle mounted legs of his father are all the brakes he needed…although I told him not to (try to) count on that braking setup next time. #practiceUp

Unicycle Dad holding Rollerblading Kid's hand
Can't convince yourself to brake yet? Dad's there!

An amazingly fun ride, and an another awesome Dad and Kid time!

I would like to congratulate my son on his courage. I could tell how scared he was when he was going down those hills! (His steepest on Skates thus far)

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