Raspberry Pancake

Favourite Food: Raspberry Pancakes

Raspberry Pancake, and his sister, Love Cookie, are unschoolers from Canada.

What’s Unschooling?  The concept that education doesn’t need to come from a learning box crammed full of kids organized by age. All these videos? Unschooling. Making the videos? Unschooling. Every object in every clip in every video? Unschooling.  


Unschooling along the River
Unschooling starts as soon as you want
Almost four months ago, my nine year old unschooler asked if I could setup scratch.mit.edu so he could make the shows he watches for hours on youtube. Other than maybe an hour of direction, I’ve been just a spectator.
In honour of his (hard work and dedication?) (having fun playing around?) (following an interest? hard?) What looks like a text block in this image is actually just a character I made called Textblocky 😃 here's his channel. https://scratch.mit.edu/users/raspberry_pancake/